HES Medical Set: 15 Devices


Prime medical set with 15 medical devices. The set has got all important and recommended items that will enable you to effectively conduct physical examination on your patients.


Prime medical set is suitable for all cadres of health. In particular those taking MD and Postgraduate course.


Prime Medical set is made of fifteen (15) items, viz. (1) Stethoscope -Litman Class II; (2) BP Machine, (3) Pulse oximeter, (4) Patella hammer, (5) Thermometer – Digital, (6) Thermometer – Non-mercury, (7) Pen torch, (8) Fetoscope, (9) Pregnancy wheel, (10) MUAC Tape, (11) Theatre googles, (12) Tape measure, (13) Tuning fork, (14) Monofilament, & (15) Medical Coat



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Blue Medical Set


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