Nursing – Starter set


Tunapenda kukufahamisha offer yetu ambapo utapata vifaa vyote hivi kwa TSh. 81.000/=


Vifaa hivi ni:

  1. BP Machine: Kipimo cha presha
  2. Stethoscope: Kipimo cha mapigo ya moyo
  3. Thermometer: Kipimo cha joto
  4. Tape measure: Kipimo cha kima au upana
  5. Pen torch: tochi ndogo ya kupimia

Devices: Starter medical set is a 5-item medical set.

Use: These items will enable you to measure Blood Pressure, Heart quality of heartbeats, eye reflexes, temperatures, and protect your eyes from accidental infection or injuries during surgical procedures.

For who: The set is suitable for Clinical Officer, Clinical Assistant, Nursing students and practitioners. The set is recommended in colleges guided by NACTE.

Benefits: The set has a warranty of 3 years!

Items are

  1. BP Machine,
  2. Tourniquet
  3. Stethoscope,
  4. Tape measure,
  5. Thermometer, Non mercury


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